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矩合计划 |莱克教诲.邯郸莫恩公学

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摘要: 项目概况Project      莫恩公学是莱克教诲与英国文化教诲协会、美国哥伦比亚教诲中央、加拿豪富布莱特学院、英国拉夫堡学院等当局机构,互助开办的十五年一向制投止制、数字化国际学 ...



      莫恩公学是莱克教诲与英国文化教诲协会、美国哥伦比亚教诲中央、加拿豪富布莱特学院、英国拉夫堡学院等当局机构,互助开办的十五年一向制投止制、数字化国际学校;学校位于中国(邯郸)云溪谷国际文旅度假区,学校占地面积700 亩,投资达2亿美元,总修建面积约120000 平方米,可提供3000个尺度学位。

      Mon Academy is a 15-year boarding and digital international school co-founded by LiLac Education and British Council, Columbia Education Center, Fulbright College of Canada, Loughborough College and other government agencies; the school is located in China (Handan) Yunxi Valley International Cultural Tourism Resort, the school covers an area of 700 acres, with an investment of 200 million US dollars, a total construction area of about 120,000 square meters, and 3000 standard degrees.




Harmonious and round beauty



      The exterior of the building uses white as the main color, making the whole space elegant and noble. The building is shaped like a "ring", which makes the entire space natural and gives a harmonious and rounded beauty. The artistic sculpture outside the gate is combined with the fountain to build a modern artistic beauty.




Inheritance of printing



      The enrollment center uses printing as its design inspiration. It not only borrows geometric bodies to create a sense of visual impact, but also a tribute to the inheritance and tribute of Chinese traditional culture. The successive geometric bodies at the top of the space are ingeniously matched with the lighting, deducing the modern aesthetics of movable type printing. In addition, the M shape of the information desk area not only echoes the school name of "Moen College", but also enhances the sense of space design.




Flexible and open modern teaching space



      In the design of the classroom, the designer uses minimalist techniques to highlight the simplicity and neatness of the space. The use of multimedia teaching equipment and the international small class teaching setting create a flexible and open modern teaching space. The design of wood veneer and lighting at the top of the space relieves the monotony of the classroom.




the ladder of knowledge



      The designer extends the architectural lines into the library. Books are placed in an orderly arrangement with circular bookshelves, combined with circular glass fences, rendering the space like a circular canopy of books. The area under the bookshelf is designed as a ladder, which not only highlights the meaning of the "knowledge ladder", but also makes it easier for students to get books, and provides a place for reading, which is an effective use of space.




The use of Chinese elements



      The calligraphy classroom is designed in a limited space, through comprehensive consideration of the "four treasures of the study" elements, in a fragmented form, a strong cultural atmosphere is integrated into the space. In addition, the overall color scheme of the space has the meaning of "quiet to reach far".




Staves melt into space



      The wooden veneer ceiling is inlaid with strips of light strips and the stave pattern on the wall complements each other, making the whole space more rhythmic. The simple and natural materials combine the changes of levels and the contrast of lighting to create a soft and peaceful atmosphere. The design of floor-to-ceiling windows adds brightness and warmth to the space.




Irregular geometry, reflecting the change of light



      In the dance room, the pure geometric bodies are full of vitality under the action of light, like the passionate reflection of musical notes, dancing out a unique artistic life.




Calm and quiet



      The design concept of the lecture hall is simplicity and atmosphere, which aims to create a simple, clean and pure. The design of light sources and blue seats embodied in various forms enhances the overall expressiveness of the space.




Simple and elegant without interference



      The dormitory service center takes hotel-style dormitory services as the core design concept, adopts a simple and atmospheric style, selects rich decorative materials, and intends to create a high-quality living space. In the student dormitory, an independent pattern is created through the combing of lines and the division of blocks. The beds and desks in the dormitory are separated, independent and complementary, so that personal learning and life are fully guaranteed.


项目名称 |莱克教诲.邯郸莫恩公学

项目地点 |邯郸

项目面积 |120000㎡

竣工时间 | 2019年9月

计划单元 | L.Y.D SPACE GROUP 矩合计划

主创团队 | 喻晶 徐启 陈维灿 黄英钊 林永龙

互助单元 | 同济修建计划院北京建工

业主单元 | 邯郸莱克教诲团体

鸣谢 | 刘文宪 陈燕 韩栋 范晓



















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